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How do I certify my product?

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Successfully completing the DLMS UA Certification Process means that your device has guaranteed compatibility with the DLMS UA Standard, the globally accepted standard language that ensures interoperability, efficiency and security.  All DLMS UA Certified Products can bear the Certification mark.

The first stage to Certification is to become a member of DLMS UA, as only Members in Good Standing can complete the certification process.  Find out more about membership of DLMS UA here.

All products need to be certified via the use of the TT (The Test Tool).  Members can choose to buy the TT outright click here for details on how to buy and download the tool (including prices) or can choose to ‘Sub-Licence’ the Tool from another Member who has purchased the TT outright.  In this case an additional “sub-licensing” fee of €3'000 is payable for each Qualification Submission.   The sub-licence is valid for a period of 30 days from purchase.

Once the TT has been purchased, our partners EuroDCS will issue instructions for how to install the TT and in the DLMS UA documentation we describe how to run the test (Yellow book and associated documentation).  On completion of the Test a set of ‘Test Files’ will be issued which will include a Test Report Summary indicating ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’.

Members should then apply to the Qualification Process to obtain the Certification for Compliance by completing the form on the Qualification Portal and submit their test file.  This will start the process of checking that the application is eligible to be considered for the Qualification and that details on the Test File correspond with our records and are correct.  We will issue the necessary fee invoices and once payment is received, the test file is verified and if successful, then the Certificate of Conformity will be issued.  Members can then use the DLMS Certification trademark on their product.

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